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As of January 2013 I am no longer offering EFT or Coaching sessions or trainings.

This is due to a direction change in my career and personal life and does in no way reflect on either EFT or Coaching as effective methods for personal change.

As the quote on my home page warned me, after ten years of doing the same thing I was in danger of ending up where I was going, and I've decided to try and end up somewhere else. Emotional Freedom Techniques, Attractor Field Technique and Coaching have all been immensely helpful to me personally in this process of transition, and I know I will be using them to help with whatever challenges I may face in the future. In fact, I dread to think where I would be personally without the help of EFT and AFT over the last ten years.

This site will remain in place as a reference, and both my books will continue to be fully supported.

For visitors looking for an EFT practitioner please check out the AMT practioner listing for someone in your area.

The EFT Coach Workbook for Complete Beginners
The EFT Coach for Professionals (Edition 2)
are available from as ebook or paperback.


Mary L.R. Jones